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Instructor Name: Kara Varela
Event Type: Web Based - Time Specific

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Important information: • Training is only for participants who work in programs who currently accept children funded by DES and serve children ages Birth to twelve or serve Native American Communities. • THIS IS A LIVE INTERACTIVE TRAINING AND PARTICIPATION IS EXPECTED. • All persons must register in advance on the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry in order to attend the training. • Virtual trainings will be live streamed and require an internet connection. • We will use the Zoom application, which you can access from your mobile phone or computer for free. You will need to download the free version of ZOOM and follow the link to participate. • This will be a live presentation, which will allow you to interact with the trainer and the other participants. • The trainer will send a message in the chat feature with the name of the training and date. • When you login, you will need to go to the chat bar and type your first and last name within the first 10 minutes of the training. At the end of the training you will also type your first and last name to verify your attendance. You will need to do this in order to receive credit for attending. • Please make sure that your registry information is up to date with current employer information.

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