Welcome to the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry!

Welcome to the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry (Registry). The Registry will help you grow your skills and advance your career. The more experience, education, and professional development you have in early childhood, the further you can go.

By joining the Arizona Registry, you can:

Find and register for training and professional development opportunities near you; many are available online
  • Meet the annual requirements for licensing
  • Search by topic, instructor and location
Manage your career profile
  • Keep a record of your training and credentials in one place
  • Identify your strengths and the areas where you need more professional development
  • Make updates as you complete classes/training
Access First Things First College Scholarships to take college classes toward a degree or credential in early childhood (only available through the Registry) Share your qualifications with employers
  • Have your education credentials verified for employers, licensing agencies

The Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry is a component of Arizona's Early Childhood Career and Professional Development Network (Network). For additional information about the Network and to access resources and information about career pathways, educational pathways, upcoming conferences and events, latest news and more, please visit our companion Professional Development website www.azearlychildhood.org.



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